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VIA Rail 2019 Annual Public Meeting


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Join us
on May 28 2019!

At 4PM (EST), hear live presentations on performance and financial results – as well as the answers to the most popular questions.

Note: questions answered during the Annual Public Meeting will be chosen at the discretion of VIA Rail.

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20 thoughts on “VIA Rail 2019 Annual Public Meeting

  1. 5. When will onboard Wi-Fi be improved and it will be possible to watch streaming video (YouTube)?

  2. 6. With Greyhound no longer offering service to Western Canada is there anyway VIA Rail could help? Eg. Vancouver-Kamloops or Edmonton-Calgary and maybe Winnipeg-Regina?

  3. 10. Why do you have rear-facing seats on the train? Are there any plans to make all seats forward facing?

  4. 13. Will VIA be adding trips to the Ocean since the service reduction that was made in 2012? VIA has done extra trains during the Christmas season for the Ocean, what about during the summer months?

  5. 17. What is VIA Rail doing in order to reduce the amount of one-time use plastics used on board?

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