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Bert Archer lives in Toronto and has ridden trains through the Rockies, along the length of Italy, across Wales, South Africa, and Kazakhstan and had one of the best meals of his then young life on a TGV between Paris and Lyons. He has written about travel for the Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star, the National Post, En Route, the BBC, the Washington Post, Roads & Kingdoms, Vice, and several others. ***** Bert Archer vit à Toronto et a voyagé en train dans les Rocheuses, en Italie, au pays de Galles, en Afrique du Sud et au Kazakhstan; c’est à bord du TGV Paris-Lyon qu’il a pris un des meilleurs repas de sa vie durant ses plus jeunes années. Il rédige des articles sur les voyages pour le Globe and Mail, le Toronto Star, le National Post, En Route, la BBC, le Washington Post, Roads & Kingdoms, Vice et plusieurs autres publications.

Bathurst and the Beauty of Chaleur Bay

Though the Rockies attract all the paparazzi, the Maritimes offers one of the continent’s great train rides. I’ve taken the train through the major stops, … Continue Reading

Exploring the river city: what to do in Kamloops

It was my last night in Kamloops and I’d left supper a little late. I was heading out for Vancouver in the morning on the … Continue Reading

November in Jasper: Where to be for Canada 150

It may seem that Jasper’s the sort of two-street town built for people to pass through, a staging ground for other, more exciting things. The … Continue Reading

Edmonton: From the Top of the City to the End of the World

There are a few important things they don’t tell you about Edmonton. My father grew up just outside the city, but I knew very little about … Continue Reading

Halifax: a New Winter Wonderland

Taking the train in the winter is a pleasure all its own. Landscapes are transformed, black ice is not an issue, and nestling yourself into … Continue Reading