The Soundtrack To Your Journey

Travelling and music go together like bread and butter, like cats and the internet, like rama lamma lamma ka dinga da dinga dong – need I go on? Almost nothing can add to the wonder of watching the landscape roll by save for the perfect song or a great story. These are the soundtracks to a perfect trip.

Our First Podcast

Last summer VIA Rail embarked on a journey of its own. We don’t want to toot our own… train whistle, but we know a thing or two about connecting people. When we were asked to be a part of a new podcast series about meeting and listening to our passengers, we were all in.

Even better, the series was led by six researchers — three journalism students from Carleton University in Ottawa and three from Ryerson University in Toronto. Working on behalf of Challenge for Change, a not-for-profit media organization launched in 2016, and funded by Mitacs, the six spent the summer travelling across Canada by train, striking up discussions with passengers. The results were incredible, and the conversations captured were thought-provoking, touching, and at times difficult, and they offer an important window on what it means to be Canadian today.

Catherine Phillips from Challenge for Change records conversations with passengers on board.
Catherine Phillips records conversations with passengers  on the train (© C4C Canada)

The podcast series, called C4C Conversations, is the first to be streamed through our On Train Entertainment system, available within the Quebec City – Windsor corridor. Check back on the train for other podcasts to come.

Listen On Board With Stingray Music

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for the perfect song, something to groove to as the scenery slips by, Stingray Music —which you can download on the App Store and on Google Play—is waiting to light up your headphones. With human-curated exclusive music channels featuring choice tracks from Canadian artists, consider your ears pampered.

Insider tip: do not miss listening to the exclusive Stingray JUNO Music channel, available during the month of March until April 2 where you can hear tunes by all the nominated artists including indie darlings Arcade Fire, electro-jazz songstress Charlotte Cardin, and R&B rising star Daniel Caesar.

JUNO-nominated artist Daniel Caesar
JUNO-nominated artist Daniel Caesar (© CARAS/ iPhoto Inc.)

As VIA Rail’s first music partner, passengers within the Corridor can download the Stingray Music app while on board and listen for up to six months, for free. Through the app, you can browse through 50 channels handpicked for VIA Rail commuters along with 2,000 other channels catering to every musical taste from Franco Country and Pop Classics, to Reggae and Canadian Indie. Among the 100 diverse genres available, there’s even a “Kids’ Stuff” channel for our youngest passengers to enjoy.

While you can relish the sounds of your favourite international artists, Stingray Music places a special focus on supporting local musicians—15,000 Canadian bands and artists are broadcast through the app. Once the trip is done, you can continue to pair your favourite channels with your travel adventures and take advantage of half a year of free music. Whatever you’re in the mood for, you’re sure to find the soundtrack to your ride.

JUNO-nominated indie stars Arcade Fire (©Mary Ellen Matthews)
JUNO-nominated indie stars Arcade Fire (©Mary Ellen Matthews)
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