Be Brave, Step Out

My name is Effie and I live in one of Canada’s largest and most vibrant cities: Toronto. I’ve been a city girl my whole life!


This July for Canada’s 150th, I am venturing off on a cross country rail journey, ready to explore the beauty that my homeland has to offer. I invite you to join me on my experiences and see Canada through my eyes… and my ears!

You see, all my life people have had misconceptions about what I can and cannot do. And because of this, I have always had the mindset to not let other people’s opinions get in the way of what I want to accomplish. I grew up with cerebral palsy, hearing loss and I wear hearing aids. I feel as though by going from coast to coast to as many places as I can in July, I will prove to myself and to others that I can be brave and step out of my comfort zone.

I’ve always been a social person, open to meeting new people, and that played a huge factor when it came time to making my travel itinerary. “Where can I go that I will be surrounded by a lot of new people and still feel like myself? I decided to start in Canada’s capital, Ottawa, and continue east to Montreal, Quebec City, and Halifax before heading back west to Edmonton, Jasper, Banff, Vancouver, Victoria and Whistler. I wanted to see all the “major” cities, meet new people and see how well we interacted!

I am eager to share my journey with you through photography, so I invite you to follow along with me on Instagram: @itseffieb and @effiebilirisphoto and watch me come out of my comfort zone! I’ll be here all of July!

Have a safe and happy month and remember: if I can get out of my comfort zone, you can too. Be brave and share it using #VIACanada150!

– Effie

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  1. So proud of you for doing this, thank you for sharing with us and have a fun trip.. cannot wait to see more of your journey..

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