Theme Park in Canada: voiles en voiles Montreal

A Theme Park Summer

Growing up there were very few options for theme parks in Canada. Oh, there were the usual suspects of course, the Wonderlands, the La Rondes, and they had their appeal – if you were into roller coasters.

Every year, people come up with new and more inclusive ideas for theme parks, which is amazing for the weak-stomached and the families with young’uns. If you’re looking for things to do with kids across our nation (that won’t include biting your fingernails), we’ve discovered a few sure-fire options.

Voiles en Voiles in Montreal

Theme park in Montreal: Voiles en voiles
Source: @patrick_fournier on Instagram

This new park takes aerial courses to a new level (heh heh), on a pirate ship. Hold the phone. Did we say Pirate Ship? Oh yes, we did. This unique park has not one, but two ships to choose from, with aerial courses (think walking the plank, but with a safety line), climbing walls and other activities for everyone, starting with the wee toddlers as young as two. The skill-testing aerial courses start at two feet off the ground (a great height for learning), and go up to 35-feet for the brave-hearted buccaneers.

Insider’s tip: As the summer rolls in, this park is going to get busier. To avoid a chockablock ship, plan your adventure for between 9AM – 12PM. Or for a more romantic view without the kids, go after 6PM, when the course is lit up by lanterns.

Get all the info here.

Jurassic Forest in Edmonton

Things to do with kids: Jurassic Forrest in Edmonton
Source: @annamacrey on Instagram

If Pirate ships aren’t your thing (is that possible?), and you’re planning to be in central Canada, might we suggest a train ride to Edmonton to visit the dinosaur-laden Jurassic Forest? Wear your best Dr. Grant garb and pretend to flee from the life-sized (read: gigantic) dinosaurs. It’s a bit of a trek from the city, but the concept is so original, and the grounds – set in an old-growth forest – so beautiful, your family will thank you. You’ll walk in as dinosaur prey, but walk out as quasi-paleontologists. Families with kids as young as two can walk the dinosaur trails, dig for fossils, romp around in the adventure park or play a round of (very historic) mini-golf.

Get all the info here.

LEGOLAND Discovery Centre in Vaughan

Things to do with kids in Toronto: LEGOLAND

Though LEGO has never disappeared from the playrooms of our youth, its popularity has sky-rocketed, following the release of the Lego Movie a couple years ago. How popular are we talking here? Well, NASA’s choice for passengers aboard their spacecraft Juno, which recently reached Jupiter, was three LEGO figures. Not surprisingly, the city of Vaughan (an easy drive from Toronto) is thrilled to have its own LEGOLAND, the first and only location in Canada. Boasting over 3 million LEGO bricks, the Discover Centre decided to hold a competition to find a master model builder (we prefer calling him a Lexpert) for inspiration on how to use them all. Go on a factory tour, feel like Godzilla in Miniland and build to your heart’s content.

Insider’s tip: Buy your tickets online for guaranteed entry, even on the busiest days. To avoid crowds, arrive in the afternoon (after the school tours are gone) and benefit from discounted admission.

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Other Themed Attractions

While researching this article, we came upon a few more interesting, strange and noteworthy options for family trips. We highly recommend that you take a moment to check out these cool things to do with your kids:


(St-Eustache, north of Montreal)

Things to do with kids: Exotarium in St-Eustache
Source: @gabi_24.11 on Instagram

This cozy “zoo” presents, without pretention (their own apt description), over 200 reptiles, amphibians and other cold-blooded animals.  In this smaller venue, Exotarium visitors will have no trouble finding the usually-camouflaged reptiles, who seem quite content to show themselves off.  (website in French only)

Get all the info here (Website in French only).

Gopher Hole Museum

(Torrington, south of Edmonton)

Things to do with kids at Toronto: Gopher Hole Museum
Source: Torrington Tourism Action Society

Words will not do justice to describe this place – the “unofficial” website will tell you everything you need to know. And if you happen to visit, please post a picture on Twitter or Instagram (using the tag #viarail)!

Get some info here.


Bubble Soccer (Vaughan)

This is less of an attraction and more of a great thing to do with your kids. Safe, ridiculous and fun, bubble soccer might be the one sport everyone in your family will want to try. Again, if you go, do us a favour and post a pic!

Get all the info here.

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