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Off the beaten track in Canada: finding the hidden gems

If you’re living in one of Canada’s bigger cities, you hopefully take the train to get into and out of these congested areas and avoid traffic. People taking our western or eastern trains are likely doing so to see landscapes unreached by any other mode of transport. Some of our passengers commute to work by train, and for others it’s a relaxing way to get to your parents’ laundry machine between semesters.

Regardless of their reason for travelling with us, many Canadians don’t realise what we are really good at, not coincidentally the reason why VIA Rail was created nearly 40 years ago: to serve the smaller cities and towns that many other modes of transport don’t. And we’ve learned a thing or two about them along the way: they are vibrant with culture, arts, sports, and tons of surprising things to do. VIA Rail also sponsors and supports many events across the country – smaller film festivals you may not have noticed, lesser-known music scenes in places you didn’t know existed.

Through our new blog we’ll be telling the story of the hidden gems to be found along our 12,500 kilometer network. You’ll find out how to authentically discover Canada either through the smaller cities and towns or through a new take on a popular destination, as in the case in our first blog, “Pride Toronto minus the parade: how else to celebrate”.

We’ll dig, discover, and share the best spots in Canada to visit as a family, a couple, alone or with a friend. Over the next few months expect to read blogs about the best-kept secrets of Windsor, Ontario (you will be surprised), off-the-beaten path in Edmonton (axe-throwing, anyone?) and some adventure parks we guarantee you’ve never heard of.

There’s also a special tab, “Our President Says”, where you can find blogs from our CEO, known and sought for his stellar communication skills. It is, in itself, off the beaten path to include this type of content on our travel blog, but he is a spokesperson extraordinaire, and well worth the read.

So let’s get exploring! And hey, if you have some insider info to share, please do! Connect with us though Twitter or Instagram.

See you onboard,

VIA Rail

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