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Speaking to the business community at Chambers of Commerce or other venues about VIA Rail and our vision of passenger train travel in Canada is always energizing. The projects we’ve been working on, the innovation, the forward-thinking plan… its amazing fun to watch people’s reaction when they realize how relevant the train already is and how important it will become in the coming years (especially as it’s the greenest travel choice for inter-city trips).

When addressing audiences at universities or conferences like Start Up, however, the focus of the conversation migrates more toward my role as the head of a Crown corporation. As part of my preparation for these events, I put together a list of “Top 10 Leadership Habits”, which was of particular interest to the groups. In the coming year, I am looking forward to continuing my tour of Canadian universities and speaking to more bright and eager students about the train and my role at VIA Rail.

Until then, I offer a “sneak-peek” into my presentation. Here is the much talked-about Top 10 list that struck a chord with many and was the instigator of inspired questions and great conversations:

Top 10 Leadership Habits

  1. Be a doer and a thinker
  2. Accept that everyone may see what you see but leaders act on it
  3. Have a bias for action
  4. Fail fast
  5. Execution eats strategy for breakfast
  6. Listen to your gut
  7. It’s called common sense because everyone has some
  8. The leader is the message – You are the brand
  9. As a leader, you bring meaning to people’s lives – The job is how you do it
  10. Have fun and enjoy the ride!

If you have comments or any questions about my list, connect with me on Twitter at @VIARailPrez.

Looking forward to seeing you onboard in 2016,

Happy holidays and Merry Travels!

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