To Be Young Again: Discover Canada With No Limits!

Growing up as a first generation Canadian with immigrant parents, there was nothing better than discovering all that Canada had to offer. My parents loved the country, and encouraged me to visit as much of it as I could. One of my first travelling adventures was as a high school student, taking the train to London, Ontario, where I participated in an exchange program. As a parent, I also encouraged my two daughters to visit and learn about their homeland. They both ended up going to Queen’s University in Kingston, and travelled home by train whenever they could (which was never often enough!).

There’s something magical about train travel, especially in one’s youth. The formative years full of discovery, adventure, reflections, chance meetings… it’s all a part of becoming well-informed about who we are, who we can be and how we’ll participate in Canadian life as productive, well-rounded, well-grounded adults. It’s also part of becoming Canadian.

For many young people, the quintessential dream of “backpacking across Europe” has become the ideal summer vacation. And it’s usually done using a rail pass. So, why not do the same thing here at home? In my opinion, having done both as a young man, I believe Canada’s artistic, culinary, musical and linguistic ranges, in addition to its varied geography and industrial diversity allows it to compete quite favorably with the cultural mosaic youth can expect from travelling overseas. But, it’s in looneys!

It’s with this dream of summers past that one of the first things we did after my appointment as President and CEO was to create an unlimited youth summer pass. The Summer Pass means students can hop-on and hop-off, with no limitations to the number of trips over the summer months, and discover the country at their own pace. They can travel through the Corridor or across our whole network. They choose the Pass that meets their adventurous ambitions. Hopefully, many will take us up on our offer to discover Canada.

In the fall, still with youth in mind, we plan to focus on the many students studying in the communities across our network, so they can return home more often, as my daughters did, for a great meal, help with the laundry and a big hug!

Stay tuned for more youth and student oriented promotions this fall. In the meantime, let the backpacking across Canada begin!

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