Creativity and Innovation Encouraged at VIA Rail

Since my last post, my Canada-wide listening tour, to meet with as many employees and train passengers as possible, to hear their thoughts about VIA Rail, continues. To date, I have met with almost 1,000 VIA Rail employees and over 50 train passengers. These meetings have provided the venue for some memorable conversations with individuals who are passionate about providing great passenger rail service. In the spirit of open communication and looking forward, the comments, suggestions, and ideas brought forth in these discussions are encouraged and welcomed. Employees know the passengers best, and their input is priceless – input which, as a team, we use to continuously improve VIA Rail’s service. I look forward to hearing more voices, and engaging in more dialogues about how we can grow passenger rail in Canada.

This week, I’d like to draw attention to a group of employees whose creativity has inspired me: the Jasper equipment maintenance crew. Seeking a way to quickly and safely navigate on the platform to perform essential train maintenance, the team turned to bikes! For two years the Jasper Maintenance Center has been using bicycles to move small tools, carry equipment parts, and throw switches without disturbing travelling passengers. On top of being an environmentally conscious choice, their out-of-the-box solution embodies the type of innovation and teamwork that I so strongly believe in.

Stories such as these highlight the thoughtful ways in which employees make VIA Rail the more human way to travel. A dedication to efficiency and a consideration for passengers and their travel experience are amongst the defining characteristics of a trip with VIA Rail. The Jasper equipment maintenance crew exemplifies VIA Rail’s “put the passengers first” mentality – and they have fun while doing so.

We love to hear the ways in which VIA Rail employees have improved your travel experiences, so send us your “VIA Rail experience” stories through Facebook, or tweet them using #VIAExperience. To stay up to date on my initiatives and events, follow me @VIARailPrez.

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